How to Withdraw Money Fast From Absa CashSend


How to Withdraw Money Fast From Absa CashSend

Absa CashSend offers a convenient way to send money to anyone in South Africa, even if they don’t have a bank account. The recipient can then withdraw the funds at any Absa ATM. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in withdrawing Absa CashSend:

What You’ll Need:

a. 10-Digit Withdrawal Number: The sender of the CashSend will provide you with a unique 10-digit withdrawal number.

b. 6-Digit Access Code: The sender will also share a 6-digit access code needed to complete the withdrawal.

Withdrawing Cash at an Absa ATM:

1. Locate an Absa ATM: Look for any Absa ATM, they are widely available throughout South Africa.

2. Select “Cardless Banking”: On the ATM screen, navigate to the “Cardless Banking” option. This might be displayed with a specific icon or wording depending on the ATM model.

3. Enter the Withdrawal Number: Carefully enter the 10-digit withdrawal number provided by the sender.

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4. Enter the Access Code: Key in the 6-digit access code you received from the sender.

5. Review and Withdraw: The ATM screen will display the withdrawal amount. Double-check the details and confirm to proceed with the withdrawal.

6. Collect Your Cash: The ATM will dispense your cash. Remember to take your money and any receipt printed by the ATM.

Additional Tips:

i. Validity: Absa CashSend withdrawals typically have a validity period. Ensure you withdraw the funds before the expiry date mentioned by the sender.

ii. Limits: There might be limitations on the amount you can withdraw per transaction or per day. Check with the sender or Absa for any applicable withdrawal limits.

iii. Security: Never share your access code with anyone. Treat it with the same level of importance as your ATM PIN.

Absa CashSend offers a fast and convenient way to receive and withdraw cash. By following these steps and keeping security in mind, you can easily access the funds sent to you.

If you’re the recipient of an Absa CashSend and don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use the Absa Banking App, withdrawing cash at an ATM using the withdrawal number and access code provides a simple and accessible option.

Absa Cash Send Withdrawal FAQs: Accessing Your Cash Quickly

Q: I don’t have the 10-digit withdrawal number or 6-digit access code. What should I do?

A: You cannot withdraw the CashSend funds without these codes. Contact the sender and request them to resend the information. They can easily do this through their Absa Banking App or online banking platform.

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Q: Is there a fee for withdrawing Absa CashSend?

A: The sender of the CashSend might choose to cover any withdrawal fees. It’s best to clarify this with the sender beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Q: The ATM screen displays an error message after entering the withdrawal number or access code. What now?

A: There could be a few reasons for this. Double-check that you entered the numbers correctly. If the issue persists, the CashSend might have expired, or there could be a temporary technical problem with the ATM. Contact the sender to confirm the validity of the CashSend and try a different ATM if possible.

Q: Can I withdraw Absa CashSend at any ATM, or only Absa ATMs?

A: You can only withdraw Absa CashSend at Absa ATMs. Look for the Absa logo or branding on the ATM to ensure it’s part of their network.

Q: I’m not comfortable using an ATM. Are there any alternative ways to withdraw Absa CashSend?

A: If you have a smartphone and an Absa account, you can withdraw CashSend using the Absa Banking App. However, withdrawing at an ATM using the withdrawal number and access code is a viable option for those who don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use the app.

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