BVN Basics: How to Check Your Bank Verification Number


BVN Basics: How to Check Your Nigerian Bank Verification Number

How to Check Your BVN

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) has become an essential element in today’s financial landscape. It streamlines financial transactions and enhances security. But how do you check your BVN if you’ve forgotten it or simply want to verify the number associated with your accounts? Worry not! This guide explores the convenient methods available for checking yours.

Unveiling Your BVN: Multiple Methods at Your Disposal

There are several ways to access it in Nigeria, ensuring you have a preferred method readily available:

1. USSD Code: This is a quick and easy option. Dial 5650# using the phone number linked to your BVN. You’ll receive a free SMS displaying your Bank Verification Number. Note: A service fee of N20 may apply.

2. Mobile Banking App: Many Nigerian banks allow you to check yours directly through their mobile banking app. Navigate to the “Security Information” or “Personal Information” section within your banking app to find your Bank Verification Number (if your bank offers this functionality).

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3. Bank Branch Visit: For those who prefer face-to-face interaction, visit any branch of your bank. A customer service representative can assist you in retrieving yours. Carry a valid form of identification for verification purposes.

4. BVN Validation Portal: The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) offers a BVN validation portal. While not designed for retrieving your Bank Verification Number itself, it allows you to confirm the validity of a BVN you already possess. Visit for this purpose.

Keeping It Handy

While checking your BVN is straightforward, memorizing it saves time and ensures you have it readily available for transactions. Here are some tips for keeping it handy:

a. Store it securely: Save your Bank Verification Number in a trusted password manager or encrypted note-taking app. Avoid storing it in plain sight on your phone or computer.

b. Write it down: Keep a note of your BVN in a secure location at home, separate from your electronic devices.

c. Share with trusted contacts: Consider sharing it with a close family member in case of emergencies, emphasizing the importance of confidentiality.

A Cornerstone of Financial Security

Your BVN plays a vital role in securing your financial transactions. By understanding how to check it and keeping it easily accessible, you can manage your finances with greater confidence and minimize the risk of fraud.

Remember: Never share your Bank Verification Number with anyone you don’t trust completely, and avoid using it on unverified websites or platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Check Your BVN

1. Is there a cost associated with checking my BVN using the USSD code?

A: Yes, there might be a service fee of N20 charged when checking your Bank Verification Number using the USSD code (5650#). This fee is typically deducted from the airtime on the phone you used to initiate the USSD request.

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2. Can I check my BVN using any phone number?

A: No, you can only check your BVN using the phone number linked to your BVN registration. If you don’t have access to that phone number, you’ll need to explore alternative methods like visiting your bank branch.

3. What if I forgot the phone number associated with my Bank Verification Number?

A: If you’ve forgotten the phone number linked to yours, retrieving it might be a bit trickier. Here are some options to consider:

  • Contact your bank: Your bank may be able to assist you in retrieving the linked phone number if you can provide valid identification and answer security questions.
  • BVN Enrollment Slip: If you have a copy of your enrollment slip, the linked phone number might be printed on it.

4. Is it safe to use the BVN validation portal to confirm the validity of a Bank Verification Number someone else provided?

A: While the validation portal ( allows you to confirm a BVN’s existence, exercise caution when dealing with someone else’s BVN.

  • Avoid sharing your BVN: Never share your BVN with anyone you don’t trust completely.
  • Verify identity thoroughly: If someone provides their BVN for verification purposes, ensure you have a legitimate reason to do so and verify their identity through other means before proceeding.

5. How can I ensure the security of my BVN?

A: Here are some key tips to safeguard your BVN:

  • Never share your BVN: This applies to anyone, even seemingly official sources, unless you initiate direct contact with your bank.
  • Beware of phishing attempts: Phishing emails or messages might try to trick you into revealing your BVN. Be cautious of unsolicited requests for personal information.
  • Report suspicious activity: If you suspect someone might have gained access to your BVN, report it to your bank immediately.
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Remember: Your BVN is a vital piece of information. By following these tips and using the methods outlined in this guide to check and manage your BVN, you can contribute to a more secure financial experience.

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